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Thoughts: Bangkok (Aug, 2018)

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The Red Dimension, 赤色角度 (Aug,2018)

人生有多少個第一次,第一次拿起相機,第一次按下快門還是第一次看著照片?當中還有很多的第一次我也幾乎想不起 ,究竟有什麼第一次會是我在乎著?.我是一個自我的人,我為了自己做了很多的事情。這些事情對其他人來說可能微不足道,但對我而言留下了一道記憶。.老實說,在這人生旅程中如果我沒有碰上這些對我好或拋棄我的人,可能我不會去攝影,更不會有什麼照片可展出。.第一次感覺很神秘又強烈,沒有對或錯,只是冒險。那種帶來的驚恐中的不安,失控之中帶著誘人的感覺,這才是著迷的原因。紅色也是一樣,紅不求黑白是非,是很人性之中帶著各種情與慾。若果人活著就只有黑白對錯,我情願不活。.人會為愛而生,亦會為愛而死。不敢説是高層次的思想,但我肯定有了紅色人生才是更精彩。

Oh red.You are full of mysteries
So irrational, so irresponsible
I can’t deny life is too short and fragile
If you do all the right things you can be safe
that doesn’t mean you are stronger than me
It is funny sometimes the wrong person gave you the most joy
You fell in wholeheartedly
Yes, here comes the heartbreak
Break like bricks, broke then broken
It fell into the river, called “no return”
no return dissolves you into the salted water
the moonlight disappeared, so do you.Don’t blame , I’m here warm not to blame
The amount of love you had given proof that you had lived intensely
If there is no love, there is no life either...

C+ Club2
Address : 3/F, Katherine House, 53-55 Chatham Road South, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Onward . Forward (Sep,2018)


The bridge is such a magical creature. The bridge gives us hope, to change. Walk along the bridge, to experience each encounter.
We only feel anxious, when we are too focused on what is under the bridge and the past. Our past was different, and our feelings are similar.
From today onwards, we only walk forward.

My Student work:
Exhibition and Zine  "I live upstair and this is my life" By Rowan Gurung(Dec,2018)

"I Live Upstairs And This Is My Life.

My name is Rowan.
I am 11 years old.
I born in Hong Kong in 2008 and my birthday is 20th August.
I am fine. I play games and have fun. When I am home I watch TV.
I also go to school. I like friends because I always talk to my friends and play with my brother in the weekend.
I go to school by bus because it is in Sham Shui Po. My class is P5E, my class teacher is Ms Chan.
Josef Koudelka, he is my favouite photographer because I like the backgrounds in the photos.
I like colourful pictures because there is lot of colours in the photo. I like candies also."

Dec2 2018 to Jan31 2019

Celebrate with family and friends: Dec 2, 2pm

Ah Long Pakistan halal food
95B G/F Woosung Street Jordon

Joint Exhibition: Be There Design Festival (Jan, 2019)

13 Wong Chuk Street,
Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong

Duo Solo Exhibition by Kayla Wong and Olivia Lala : I See You in Light (Aug, 2019)

Women's Festival 2019 @Eaton HK

Film: My Whispering Heart 《天堂外套》(2020,Aug)

Written, Directed, produced, and acted in

在這個亂世之中,我鼓起勇氣寫給這片土地的一封情書。《天堂外套》This is a love letter to the place that I love, during the time of chaos. “My Whispering Heart”Aug6, 7:30pm:

YOUTUBE: Peal Elepant


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