Letter to Janet

Being free is a long journey,

No one says it will have a happy ending for sure.

But if we take the steps and carry on,

there will be a path for us to walk on.

If we feel weak,

please keep on walking.

In life, we have beautiful encounters, and story arc we don’t like.

Windy disasters from people who do not agree with us.

Peace and rainbow do not come for free.

So we are here to create, to create beautiful things.

God sends all of us to this world in order to create our own paths.

Nature is such a miracle thing,

Mother Nature guides us to the right directions,

where the sunshine are.

I hope we are fearless in the crossroads, 

because the sun will always shine again in the morning.

(If you get up late, still afternoon. Haha)

The sun is always here, the sky has no limit.

Our minds are the only thing that stops us.

Yes, we are brave.

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