My emotions make me who I am, not my appearance

Red and yellow
bright neon, so close to white
so emotional so extreme
is like the whole sky burn on fire
i want to pour the sea to make you feel more calm
too bad you like the wave misbehave 
but I can’t stop
my heart and soul are burning at the same time
the parts have burned turned black
you can see 
you can see really

I let it be, I let it be free
free from fire free from the disaster

pink red purple green blue …
any colors you can imagine 
I want to have it all
the blooming flowers in my balcony
the flowers in the vase on the dinning table
they are the only thing that make me feel better 
that keeps me away from blue

My light has gone..

When tomorrow comes
I’ll be on my own
Feeling frightened of
The things that I don’t know

I look around me, and see a sweet life
I’m stuck in the dark but you’re my flashlight
You’re getting me, getting me, through the night

When tomorrow comes
I’ll be on my own
Feeling frightened of
The things that I don’t know
When tomorrow comes
Tomorrow comes
Tomorrow comes

Lyrics from the song “Flashlight” written by  Jason Moore, Christian Guzman, Sam Smith, Sia Furler

My Armstrong 阿強

When I was walking down the street, I saw a bird got hurt and laid on the road. I couldn’t help myself but  take him back.  I named the bird, Armstrong, stronger than ever before. No matter how others looked down on Armstrong, I still cared and loved for him.

Everybody told me to leave him alone. I resisted, and rejected all their opinions. I knew it was the right thing for me to do, I believed Armstrong will eventually recover.

Sometimes I scared Armstrong would not fly again, I did prepared mentally to take care of him the rest of his life. Since I had him, I never thought about leaving him.
Oh, Loyalty, I believed. It was life-long commitment to me, I never liked how relationships could be so fragile. We need loyalty in people, animals and even things that we used and cared.

At the end, Armstrong recovered and flied away. Armstrong reminded me to always stay true to myself, and I have to do what my heart desired even though it sounded “stupid”.

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