Only rainbows after rain

Last year, there was a strong typhoon hit Hong Kong , it was so windy that there was a big tree collapsed near where I lived.

The sounds of the wind were so loud,  I could not sleep well that night. I can’t denied, I was scared.

Beautiful trees and plants were destroyed, and I wished I have the magic to heal, to bring them back to life. Especially, the beautiful tree.

I didn’t have much hope on many things that time. They were all damaged, I just hoped to make memories before they were all gone.

I told myself, I only wanted to make photographs of you before your beauty faded away. You were so fragile, I wanted to protect you from being hurt again, but I could not help myself but to let you go.

Today, I passed by the big tree that was collapsed, and I saw green plants started to grow from the tree. My eyes were filled with tears, and I texted my model, Dasha, about this beautiful news. The tree has lived a great life, it lost its charm and now it bought new things into life. 

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