Artsy Fanta-See

Sometimes we have strange thoughts and voices,

they come and go like ex-boyfriends.

Time is passing, but my biological clock is never ticking.

they are all waiting for me to grow up,

 to mature.

Sometimes I just want to shut off,

feeling betrayed, 

and hurt by adult-people.

Anyways, Evils have never been scary to me. I am actually their friend.

It is always the big people who have evil-minded that is scary because they are pretending what they are not.

No doubt, it brings fire to our minds. 

There are more fight invitations than Christmas cards this year. I don’t like it.

There are plenty of treasures in the sea,

Big fishes, small fishes, crabs living in strange shells…

colorful, and shiny ones. 

Curiosity has always been my primal drive in life, 

I am like a stay-home cat always wanting to go to the balcony.

To be honest, there is nothing much I want to change. I will still be me.

Deep down, I know, I am a Big White Shark, just that I am staying home at the moment.

Oh well…

I am already imagining countless fun things I could do after this plague…

It is going to be orgasmic :). 

I will cough out any love song, you name it. 

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