The brother of a friend committed suicide. He wasn't happy and suffered from depression. He had a promising job with a potential future towards financial wealth and access to material gains.

“You can be in poverty but be emotionally wealthy; and you can be wealthy but emotionally poor.” These words will always ring true to me, words my professor shared with me, wisdom garnered from years of working in a mental health institution.

Lack of Freedom
Lack of control in any situation, being trapped, never experiencing what freedom tastes like - these are some of the most intense and powerful feelings for anyone. They have the ability to create change, within and outside of the individual. A person does not always the means to escape dire circumstances where they severely lack control in the physical, mental, or emotional realms.

I've always believed that societal constructs force people to do things in the order society deems, and that has limited the potential of many a people - at least the ones I know.

We never truly feel free because of the controls set upon us by external forces, forces like the proverbial overbearing 'Asian helicopter parent', or the 'Tiger Mum'.

Why would you have a dog compete against a monkey in a tree-climbing contest? What good is to come of this? A dog is clearly not going to climb a tree as well as a monkey, but a dog is loyal to a fault, has an acute sense of smell, and quite personally Man's best friend - my best friend.

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Kiki Smile 

"In this city, people are busy to work for their career. Eventually, people start to become numbness, day by day, year by year, losing the original smile. Face become emotionless. For me, it has to be stopped. I found my smile again when dressing as a girl, the original happiness. I love smiles, that makes me better, makes the world better, with this identity I wish my smile could influence the others." -  Kiki Smile


Kiki's girlfriend did not like him to cross dress. Kiki loves his girlfriend very much, that he is willing to give up dressing up as a girl. He said this is the last time he will dress as a woman, because he found the right person to marry.


"To start a family , you need a home, otherwise girl will not marry you or even date you." - Franco

Franco is full of anger when he talked about his school, it is only full of restrictions.He is extremely frustrated about his future, because he will never able to afford a flat in Hong Kong. 



"I love to paint nude bodies when the school only teach me how to draw a square circle and triangles. 

I want to paint the world in my own angle. A descent girl should cover her knees with her skirt. 

But I already cutting holes on my skirt. 

The society said my vagina is a baby making machine. For me my vagina is a love making machine. Be a girl doesn't mean to be a cookie cutter. It means enjoy life with your vagina"  - Moon

 To be very honest after the shoot, I had a dream, i saw a little girl was ran over by a car, she was bleeding terribly,  very tough, and got dragged away by mother.... I don't know if the dream was  related to her, but for sure it was very intense experience photographing her. I am really honored.

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