About Me

I care but I didn’t want to get too close.

I’m surrounded myself by glasses, just to protect myself so I won’t get hurt anymore.

I am anxious, but when I look at people in mirror and reflection makes me feel more comfortable.

Mirror and Reflection 

Mirror is like a constant reminder of me,

I see it everywhere, and this is the way I see,

sometimes it is good to be included,

sometimes it is harsh you look straight into mirror.

Reflection is more forgiving than mirror

reflection reflects more mysteries, layers, depths, and leave plenty of space to imagine.

It is more exciting, and mind sucking experience.

In the end, mirror and reflection, they both make me drunk. It is beautiful experience, words can’t describe how I feel.

Looking Glass Self

There are many beautiful sociological theories, one particular theory, I like the most is the Cooley “looking-glass-self” theory. The concept of looking glass self is relating self, and/or how I perspective of myself while including others. For street photography, I included environments, things, and people I see. They are all become part of me. There are many common things between all of us, as long as we look into people.

Olivia Lala 2017

All photographs 2014–2017 (ONGOING) © Olivia Lala. All rights reserved. 

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